HCDE’s Parents Engagement Liaison Aides Families of Diverse Learners

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August 31, 2023 by HCDE Communications

It’s back-to-school week for Harris County Department of Education’s Special Schools division and one of the busiest times of the year for our sole Parent Engagement Liaison, Catalina Ramos.

Passionate about helping families of children with behavioral and learning disabilities, Ramos works to ease challenges and strengthen relationships between the district and families. Since joining the team in November 2022, she has innovated creative ideas to address challenges facing the division.

Catalina Ramos poses for a photograph.

Ramos supports students with autism, intellectual disabilities, and emotional disorders by teaching parents how to reinforce what their children learn in school. Additionally, she assists families in navigating non-academic challenges like food and housing insecurities that may impact a student’s classroom success.

“I’m proud to be at HCDE. We play a vital role in helping our students participate in activities not possible at their home districts,” Ramos said. “Our services are individually tailored for a reason: to make a difference in their life. I’m looking forward to being on campus more and finding new ways to serve our students and their families.”

Dr. Charles Ned, HCDE’s senior director of schools, describes Ramos as a critical community advocate for HCDE in developing partnerships that reinforce activities including student vocational training, Therapeutic Horsemanship, and Special Olympics opportunities.

“Catalina has a can-do spirit that is a joy to witness,” said Ned. “As the primary conduit between the districts and our community, her ability to guide parents seeking specific resources for their child, both in and outside the academic arena, has proved invaluable.”

In between helping families, Ramos serves as the School Health and Related Services (SHARS) manager, who supports HCDE’s Academic and Behavioral campuses to process Medicaid-reimbursable services delivered by staff. SHARS ensures districts are reimbursed for student services, which include physical therapy, personal care services, and special education counseling for students with disabilities. 

To learn more about how HCDE’s Parent Engagement Liaison can help you, email Catalina Ramos at catalina.ramos@hcde-texas.org.

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