Tearing Down Classroom Walls: Use technology to make global connections


October 26, 2015 by HCDE Communications

Tearing Down the Classroom WAlls: Use Technology to Make Global ConnectionsStudents are no longer limited to how and where they can access new knowledge because there are now no geographic barriers. Education technology tools and social media allow discussions to come from a wide range of worldwide ideologies and viewpoints.

Tearing down the walls and making connections outside the traditional classroom has become much easier.  Below are tips that will help new and experienced teachers take their classrooms on a trip around the globe.

1.  Follow blogs and actively engage in Twitter with other educators to build your personal learning network. Start making connections.
2.  Include digital citizenship and digital literacy in your classroom activities and discussions.
3.  Decide where to create global connections in your curriculum.  It doesn’t happen overnight, and it requires some planning.

Global connections are rarely found in today’s traditional classrooms. A global classroom provides regional, cultural and political insights that goes far beyond a student’s hometown. Critical thinking is encouraged. Students will be better prepared to communicate and engage effectively in the global economy that they will enter as grownups.

Many resources are available to help teachers make those connections with other students around the world through project-based learning opportunities.   TakingITGlobal is one of the world’s leading networks of young people learning about, engaging with, and working towards tackling global challenges. It’s a great resource for educators.

TakingITGlobal works with youth and teachers around the world to engage students and work collaboratively to tackle the world’s problem.  Other resources are below:

International Society of Technology Educators
International Education and Resource Network
Teachers for Global Classrooms

About the Blogger:
Lynnice Hockaday is a technology analyst for the Teacher and Learning Center at HCDE. For the past 20 years, Lynnice has been an educator, curriculum specialist, technology coach and online instructor, and loves helping students and teachers reach outside the classroom walls by engaging and collaborating worldwide through online learning. Lynnice stays very busy outside of work with three active kids and enjoys hiking and biking in her spare time.

2 thoughts on “Tearing Down Classroom Walls: Use technology to make global connections

  1. Jamie says:

    The real limits to learning are not physical walls, but paywalls, leaving this kind of hyperbole about as relevant to students as a pep rally. The TakingITGlobal network may be useful and valuable, but how does such overblown PR copy help students and teachers evaluate this?

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