How to get urban high school students to do their work: Innovative solutions to urban problems

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October 19, 2015 by HCDE-Texas

How to get urban high school students to do their work: Innovative solutions to urban problemsIs the urban high school a factory for failure? High school teachers often complain about getting struggling students to do their homework. As great minds come together, educators are working to find innovative solutions.

Dr. Yvette Jackson believes in changing the reality for urban students. The author and presenter is CEO of the National Urban Alliance for Effective Education of Columbia University. She works with school districts to customize and deliver systemic approaches to help students demonstrate high intellectual performances.

Jackson presents at Harris County Department of Education on November 12-13 from 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

An estimated 40 percent of urban students are failing multiple classes in ninth grade, and in many cities 50 percent or more leave school without graduating.

In innovative urban schools, Jackson says educators work together to find solutions to the perennial problem of getting struggling students to consistently engage in work.

Here are some strategies which researchers say are proving successful in getting students to do their schoolwork:
•    Assign work that is worthy of effort.
•    Make the work doable.
•    Find out what students need.
•    Create space and time for homework.
•    Make work public.
•    Collaboration is key.

Administrators, counselors, curriculum coordinators, principals and teachers are invited to join us at Dr. Jackson’s workshop called Optimizing the Learning of Disenfranchised Urban Students to change the reality of urban students on November 12-13. Register for the workshop.


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Frances Watson-Hester has been an educator in public schools for the past 24 years. Her experience includes being a teacher, counselor, coordinator, assistant principal and principal. Frances is currently the senior director for the Teaching and Learning Center at HCDE. With two energetic boys, she spends her time keeping up with them and staying abreast of current educational practices.

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