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HCDE Board of Trustees elect new president, officers for 2023

Meeting of the Harris County Department of Education Board of Trustees, May 17, 2023.

Harris County Department of Education Board of Trustees elected new officers at the May monthly board meeting, unanimously selecting Precinct 2 Trustee Andrea Duhon as Board President.  

Outgoing Board President Richard Cantu transferred the gavel to Duhon, signifying the change in office.

“Richard, you have been a wonderful mentor and role model, and the same goes for Trustees Norris and Dick. I have appreciated seeing how you’ve been able to do this job,” said Duhon as she addressed fellow trustees. “I look forward to making a difference with you guys.”

The new officers are:

To learn more about HCDE’s Trustees, visit the Board of Trustees webpage.

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