Harriet Hubacker presented with COABE Teacher of the Year Award during national conference

This week, HCDE Adult Education English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher Harriet Hubacker was presented with the 2022 Teacher of the Year Award from the Coalition on Basic adult Education (COABE) during the organization’s 2022 national conference in Seattle, WA, the largest annual convening of adult educators in the world.

HCDE adult education teacher Harriet Hubacker (center) is presented with a check as part of the COABE’s Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award, April 13, 2022.

Hubacker was also honored with a $10,000 check for her dedication and contributions to the adult education profession and her significant impact on countless adult learners’ lives during the past 22 years.

“Teaching makes me feel good. It involves my creativity, and it makes me feel useful,” said Hubacker. “I just love coming up with a different idea for something. A lot of teachers aren’t creative, but you have lots of opportunities to try something new. I guess that’s why I like ESL.”

The ESL teacher, who has taught adults at HCDE since 2002, was nominated for this honor by her supervisor, Adult Education Manager May O’Brien.

HCDE adult education teacher Harriet Hubacker (left) poses with manager May O’Brien (right) at COABE’s national conference, April 13, 2022.

“Harriet faithfully nominates her adult learners for the National Adult Education Honor Society, no matter how busy she is,” said O’Brien, adding, “She prioritizes her presence at the induction ceremonies to show support for her students when they are selected.”

A regular presenter at COABE, TALAE, and TESOL conferences, Hubacker is a key trainer for her colleagues within HCDE. Hubacker will be 90 years old this month and is still teaching.

Hubacker also received the Texas Association for Literacy and Adult Education (TALAE) Adult Education Teacher of the Year Award in February. 

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