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How to recognize substance abuse in teenagers

If you are the parent of a teenager or “tweenager,” you are aware of the roller coaster of emotions they go through due to hormonal changes, peer pressure, and the struggle for independence. Being the parent of a teenager can be challenging, but that challenge becomes even greater when alcohol or drugs are involved.

The reality is that many teens try drugs or alcohol at some point. Research from the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics shows:

Parents need to know that substance misuse can happen in any family, and the best course of action is early detection and being proactive. Remember to use your senses if you suspect that your tween or teen is using drugs or alcohol:

All of these signs can point to drug or alcohol use. However, they also may indicate other issues, so it is best to take your child to see a medical professional to find out the root cause or confirm your suspicions. Make notes of any behaviors or signs you’ve observed and bring them with you to the appointment. For questions about your child’s suspected substance abuse, contact a physician.

Fortis Academy Principal Travita Godfrey, September 20, 2021

For questions about Harris County’s first public high school for students recovering from alcohol and drug abuse addiction, contact Fortis Academy Principal Travita Godfrey.

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