HCDE student art displayed at Irvington building as part of contest

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May 20, 2021 by HCDE-Texas

Student art projects from Harris County Department of Education’s four campuses were displayed in the Irvington building Wednesday as part of a contest held by the Schools division.

In March and April, students from the Academic and Behavior Schools were tasked with decorating a t-shirt to depict their interpretation of Earth Day (April 22) or their concerns about Earth. Students from Fortis Academy were encouraged to created 3-D printed objects, and students from Highpoint School created drawings.

Students submitted their works at the end of April, and the art was put on display in May to coincide with the May monthly board meeting.

“The students did a great job,” said contest organizer and HCDE Parent Engagement Liaison Gabriela Hernandez. “They weren’t given strict guidelines, and they showed off how they wanted to represent the idea of earth.”

The objective of the art contest was to offer students an opportunity to show off their skills outside of the classroom and earn a reward. Hands-on activities and external learning environments support students’ learning.

Two classrooms from ABS East, two classrooms from ABS West, a student from Highpoint, and a student from Fortis were named winners. Winners from the AB schools will be taken on field trips to the Houston Aquarium next week. Students from Highpoint and Fortis will be rewarded with a pizza party.

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