Former HCDE Head Start Student ‘Discovers’ Himself on Information Pamphlet


December 2, 2020 by HCDE Communications

Joshua Wright, 6, has so many friends in first grade that he has “lost count.”

As the new face on the cover of Harris County Department of Education’s programs and services pamphlet, he is beaming with confidence and poise.

Thousands of the brochures were mailed to Harris County residents this past month. Joshua’s mother Taylor received numerous calls from family and friends announcing his new superstar status.

“People keep calling and saying, ‘there is a pamphlet in my mail with Joshua’s photo on the front,’” Mom Taylor Wright said. “He is so proud of himself, and he loves the attention.”

Joshua attended school at HCDE’s Fifth Ward Head Start Center. As a single mom, Taylor saw her son’s newfound confidence as the 4-year old learned sight words, starred in plays and gained the social skills he would need in elementary school. She also accepted support from the family service provider as the family was assisted with counseling and other resources during hard times.

“He is definitely ahead of the curve in his school,” she said. “Head Start gave us a great, close-knit community.”

Joshua’s two brothers, close in age, also attended Head Start and have gained the advantage with social skills and academics before entering school. As “the Wright brothers,” the band of three stick together like peanut butter and jelly.

“They are a little jealous,” Joshua concedes, pointing to his photo on the pamphlet.

Armed with a dozen brochures, Joshua plans on sharing them with friends and family.

“I have lots of friends at school, and we like playing cops and robbers and hide-and-seek,” he said.

In front of the video camera, he points out that “learning is important.”

“I’m learning Spanish,” he said, counting from one to 10 in his new second language.

Shrugging his shoulders, Joshua’s ready to go because he doesn’t know what else to say.

Except yes. He will do autographs.

(For more information about Head Start services at HCDE, access .)

One thought on “Former HCDE Head Start Student ‘Discovers’ Himself on Information Pamphlet

  1. Joshua Wright says:

    Its me im so happy to be a cover of the HCDE pamphlet thank you so much.:) btw im 10 now i was 8 in that

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