Second Wave: ‘Because We Care’ Food Distributions Include Masks, Gloves for HCDE Head Start Families


April 23, 2020 by HCDE Communications

A second round of food distributions began this week as Harris County Department of Education Head Start and Early Head Start families continue to receive “Because We Care” food boxes.

Olga McGallon and family

The HCDE Board approved the care package program through an emergency board meeting in March, appropriating $250,000 in funding for food for Head Start families. To date, approximately 5,800 meals have been provided to our Head Start families. The second round of food distribution continues to benefit our 1,350 Head Start families. Included are COVID-19 protection kits for families with masks, gloves and hand sanitizer.

“As we continue to care for our Head Start families during this pandemic, the HCDE Board of Trustees wanted to include some protective supplies for families,” HCDE Superintendent James Colbert Jr. said. “We are all struggling in this together, but hopefully these boxes will add a little relief from the daily burdens these families face.”

Multiple families were served this week at the La Porte and J.D. Walker center locations. Additional distributions are planned next week.

Dewanna Lewis and her family drop by J.D. Walker for their care box and protective supplies.

Inside the boxes are food staples like peanut butter, beans, canned vegetables, bread, rice and fruit. Food is supplied through Choice Partners. Infants and toddlers are provided formula, baby food and diapers.

Head Start staff prepare food boxes, books and protective gear for families for the second “Because We Care” distribution to Head Start families.

Head Start staffs the distribution, and families drive through to receive the care boxes. Students are also given books to help with at-home learning.


“Through the generous support of the HCDE Board, funds appropriated will continue to support our families through a third, planned food distribution in May,” HCDE Head Start Senior Director Venetia Peacock said.

Head Start is currently recruiting Head Start and Early Head Start students for the 2020-2021 school year. Families interested in the no-cost program may call 713-672-9343. For more information, go to .

One thought on “Second Wave: ‘Because We Care’ Food Distributions Include Masks, Gloves for HCDE Head Start Families

  1. Adam Jeremy says:

    Food distribution is a good way to distribute food to needy people. The second wave of covid is so dangerous, so we need to. How long have you been working on this work?

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