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HCDE Staff Launches New School Year with Theme ‘Realm of Possibility’

Annual Staff 2019 energized HCDE staff and provided inspiration for the upcoming year as Superintendent Colbert, Board members, administration and staff came together at the Kingdom Builder’s Center on Aug. 23.

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With a theme called “the Realm of Possibility,” the convocation supplied a synergy across all divisions demonstrated by the reactions of the 900 HCDE employees who attended.

Superintendent James Colbert Jr. provided an inspiring presentation based on the theme “Realm of Possibilities.”

“The past few years, the annual staff meeting has focused on how we find and meet the blind spots in public education and serve our communities and clients,” said Colbert. “This innovative perspective has made me realize one thing: Anything is possible with HCDE when we come together as a team and support children. So that makes today’s theme ‘Realm of Possibility’ even more fitting.”

Employees took advantage of the Twitter Wall, a social media message wall which gathered employee tweets and provided responses based on the hashtag #HCDEConvo19. From many of the postings, it was evident that Annual Staff is an opportunity to network and share inspiration with old friends as well as new colleagues.

“The talent in this room is astounding, and I am proud to be on this journey with you,” Colbert said.




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