See the Impact: HCDE Launches Awareness Campaign

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May 20, 2019 by HCDE Communications

HCDE recently launched a multi-media campaign called “See the Impact” to raise public awareness about our programs and services. The campaign also highlights how critical HCDE services are to the success of public education in the Houston region and how it only costs the average homeowner 73 cents a month to support our programs and services.

We realize we have a lot to talk about, and everything HCDE does is important. The campaign features the five pillars of service programs that directly impact students in greater Harris County: Adult Education, CASE for Kids (afterschool), Head Start, Special Schools and School-Based Therapy Services. Our support divisions like the Teaching and Learning Center, Choice Partners, Records Management, Educator Certification and the Center for Safe and Secure Schools are also highlighted in certain aspects of the campaign.

The campaign is being carried out through various marketing publications, such as a new annual report and quad-fold brochure with the “See the Impact” slogan along with a video and other advertising collateral. The video, built around the concept of “See the Change Your Change Makes,” showcases the impact HCDE makes by leveraging tax dollars through grants, fees and the purchasing cooperative to turn $1 of property taxes into $5 of services. It emphasizes that all of HCDE’s services are possible for an average of 73 cents a month in property taxes.

In the upcoming months, the campaign will appear on local radio stations, YouTube, Facebook display ads and through organic posts on other HCDE social media platforms. A short video will also play this summer in movie theaters around the Houston area before blockbuster films including Godzilla and The Lion King.

You may ask what all this has to do with you? We know we are better together. So, we want to share the impact of who we are and what we do through this campaign within our social circles. We can all do this by sharing social media posts and mentioning HCDE impact in simple conversations with friends and family.

The impact we make on the lives of children and educators in Harris County is tremendous, and we want to share the value of our efforts in our local communities.

Use the hashtags #HCDEimpact and #Seetheimpact to help spread the word.
View our annual report or see the video: See the Change Your Change Makes. Like our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to catch new items as they are created. Check out our LinkedIn page and YouTube pages.

HCDE plays a critical role in public education in our region and our public needs to know who we are, what we do and how we affect schools around the greater Houston area. We hope you’ll help us share the impact!

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