HCDE Conference Addresses Cybersecurity in K-12 Curriculum


March 2, 2018 by HCDE Communications

shutterstock_141207376As technology changes, it’s important for school districts to include cybersecurity in the K-12 curriculum. According to Education Week, less than one-fourth of high school seniors say they’ve taken a computer science course, especially a specialized class focused on cybersecurity and data protection.

At HCDE’s Cybersecurity in Education Conference on March 27, educators, instructional technology teachers and administrators will learn more about developing programs and curricula to keep up with rapidly changing technologies. Participants will join experts in the cybersecurity field to discuss challenges and gain resources for curricula and professional development for teachers.

Other topics featured at the conference are “hackenomics,” data privacy and protection, and digital citizenship. Find more information and register at www.hcde-texas.org/cybersecurity. Early bird prices are only $130 (in-county) and $145 (out-of-county).

One thought on “HCDE Conference Addresses Cybersecurity in K-12 Curriculum

  1. acersupportt says:

    The cybersecurity posture of an organization refers to its overall cybersecurity strength. This expresses the relative security of your IT estate, particularly as it relates to the internet and its vulnerability to outside threats.

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