School safety and mental health: The time to prepare is now

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May 25, 2017 by HCDE-Texas

circlesAs the school year winds down, it’s natural that our attention turns to the fun and freedom of the summer months. Recent events in the news, however, demonstrate that we must be vigilant about the safety of our youth at all times – we must not let our guard down. Also, any time that tragedy occurs on such a large scale, those of us who are teachers, educators, counselors, parents and school safety officers must pay extra attention to the sensitivities of our young people. Now more than ever, school safety and teen mental health should be foremost on our minds.

“What can I do to make sure my school is safe and my students receive the assistance they need?” “How can I, along with my school, be better prepared for the dangers that students face on a daily basis?” “What types of resources are available to help me?”

If you’re asking yourself these questions, then please consider joining us on June 12 for the School Safety Summit at Harris County Department of Education. This no-cost event, which offers free breakfast and lunch, is co-sponsored by HCDE’s Center for Safe and Secure Schools and Crime Stoppers of Houston.

Juliet Stipeche, from the city of Houston Mayor’s Office, will be the keynote speaker. She will be followed by a number of breakout sessions led by representatives from The Harris Center, The Harris County District Attorney’s Office, Drug Enforcement Administration, Love 146, Restorative Justice Collaborative of Houston and others.

HCDE is proud of its partnerships that help bring important – in some cases, life-saving – information to those of us fighting to protect students in the Harris County area.

Learn more about this event | RSVP online for breakfast and lunch

TCOLE credits will be available to those who attend.

(Contributed by Ecomet Burley, director, Center for Safe and Secure Schools)

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