Strife in Life: Adult Education Graduation Snapshot with Veronica Espinola


May 18, 2017 by HCDE Communications

VERONICA(Harris County Department of Education’s GED Graduation 2017 is scheduled for May 20 at 11 a.m. at 6300 Irvington, Houston, Texas, 77022 in our conference center.  This story is part of a series of interviews with our adult students called “Strife in Life.” For class information, go to

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Veronica Espinola, the mother of a teenaged son who earned her GED through Harris County Department of Education’s Adult Education program, wasn’t expecting that learning high school math would bring her closer to her son, but it did – in unexpected ways.

“It was hard to start because I have two jobs, and I’m a mother,” she explained. “It’s hard to balance both jobs morning and night.”

But when Espinola faced her most challenging subject – math – she found that she could relate to her son, who is a ninth-grader, on a new level. It gave them something to talk about.

“I think since we were on the same level, we were able to joke around about homework – about slopes and formulas,” she said.

Espinola said she made it through to graduation by setting a goal and focusing on the reason why she set out for it in the first place.

“The reason I decided to go back to school was because I wanted to be an example to my son,” Espinola said. “I want to be able to provide a better lifestyle for him.”

While there were challenges at times, especially when it came time to schedule classes around her busy life as a working mother, Espinola remained laser-focused on her goal.

“I said I was going to finish by December 2016, and I did,” she said. “It was worth it.”

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2 thoughts on “Strife in Life: Adult Education Graduation Snapshot with Veronica Espinola

  1. It is such an honor to be a teacher in the Adult Education Department of HCDE. I have experienced the Joy of students achieving their goals. I have also experienced the pain of some students not really believing they are capable of achieving those goals. HCDE provides the teachers that motivate, encourage and assist those students every step of the way. We will be celebrating some of those student’s accomplishments on Saturday, May 20, 2017 at The Administration Building at 11:00 a.m. A Big Shout Out to all the graduates. May GOD continue to bless you, your families and may you continue to achieve your dreams.

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