Harris County Department of Education administrator McLeod to lead Texas Alliance of Black School Educators

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March 8, 2017 by HCDE-Texas

McCloudKimberly McLeod, Harris County Department of Education assistant superintendent for Education and Enrichment, was sworn in as president of the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators, Saturday, Feb. 25 during the organization’s 32nd annual state conference held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Houston, Texas.

McLeod’s ambitions to lead the organization are enriched by her leadership experience. She currently oversees six divisions in her daily professional capacity at HCDE.

As she begins her three-year term, McLeod said that creating momentum and sustainability within an organization of 1,000-plus volunteers will be challenging yet rewarding.

“Our volunteers remain passionate in their drive to support TABSE as the organization continues to empower educators,” she said. “As their leader, their enthusiasm is my inspiration.”

As McLeod settles into office, her goals are to extend focus on governance and policy, to help local affiliates strengthen their programs for a more local impact and to focus on leadership preparation and development throughout the state.  Her term ends February 2020.

TABSE membership is open to anyone who teaches or serves children of African descent and who shares their mission of empowering those leaders with the skills they need to exact their desired outcome.

About Harris County Department of Education: HCDE helps school districts in the state’s largest county meet the needs of uniquely challenged learners, directly serving students at their schools or one of four HCDE-operated campuses across the county. Learn about these services and more at www.hcde-texas.org .

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