Ride the Energy Bus: Experience the power of positive leadership

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July 11, 2016 by HCDE Communications

Energy BusThe Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Tour comes to Harris County Department of Education on July 28. The Energy Bus engages participants in the ride of a lifetime while revealing secrets for approaching life and the workplace with an attitude for success.

Everyone is tested in some capacity or another during their life and every team, organization and company deals with negative issues. For leaders interested in turning negative energy into positive results, The Energy Bus will utilize the following steps to transform your culture with the power of positive leadership:

  1. Create your vision
  2. Fuel your vision with purpose
  3. Write down your vision/purpose statement
  4. Focus on your vison
  5. Zoom focus
  6. Get on the bus
  7. Fuel the ride with positive energy and enthusiasm
  8. Post a sign that says “No Energy Vampires Allowed”
  9. Navigate adversity and potholes
  10. Love your passengers
  11. Have fun and enjoy the ride

For more information or to get tickets, visit http://www.energybusschools.com/events.php.

About the Blogger:

Frances Watson-Hester has been an educator in public schools for the past 24 years. Her experience includes being a teacher, counselor, coordinator, assistant principal and principal. Frances is currently the senior director for the Teaching and Learning Center at HCDE. With two energetic boys, she spends her time keeping up with them and staying abreast of current educational practices.

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