Free is Good: iTeach iLearn webinar supplies teaching tools, resources

As every teacher well knows, finding cheap resources for the classroom is always a welcome surprise.  In fact, the only thing better than “cheap” is “free!”  In an effort to help teachers make the most of high-quality tools and resources for learning, Harris County Department of Education is proud to present a new, free webinar series called iTeach iLearn. It puts Harris County educators in touch with amazing teachers and thought leaders in education.

Once a month, HCDE’s iTeach iLearn webinar series features a new star in the field of education. The aim is to provide webinar participants with opportunities to interact with the presenter and acquire skills and resources that will make an immediate impact in the classroom.

Featured speakers present processes and best practices in education and teachers walk away from each presentation with a product that they can use to implement the strategies covered in the webinar.

Some webinars may be content-specific, but most will present general strategies that apply to all educators.  The inaugural iTeach iLearn webinar will take place at 12 p.m. on April 13.  To learn more about this upcoming webinar, access our content flier at http://goo.gl/Yx4gWy .

If you have any questions our series or if you are open to sharing best practices and resources with other Harris County teachers and administrators, please contact David McGeary at dmcgeary@hcde-texas.org.

About the Blogger:

David McGeary, manager of innovation at HCDE, spends his days exploring the ways that old and new digital tools and resources can be used to enhance a student’s ability to learn new things, collaborate with learners anywhere and share new ideas with the world. When not hard at work, David enjoys playing classical guitar, practicing photography or doing anything his new wife tells him to do.

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