What is Digital Leadership? Expert Eric Sheninger dispels fears, misconceptions

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January 4, 2016 by HCDE Communications

Eric_psWhat is digital leadership and why should we be concerned with it? As we embrace technology in our classrooms, fears and misconceptions abound. Social media and mobile devices are part of our everyday existence, so why the apprehension?

Effective digital leadership is defined by national presenter and author Eric Sheninger as “establishing direction, influencing others and initiating sustainable change through the access of information and establishing relationships in order to anticipate changes pivotal to school success in the future. It requires a dynamic combination of mindset, behaviors, and skills that are employed to change and/or enhance school culture through the assistance of technology.”

Eric Sheninger is the Senior Fellow and Thought Leader on Digital Leadership with the International Center for Leadership in Education in Rexford, N.Y. His innovative leadership as principal at New Milford High School led to radical transformation of the school and student achievement.  He says that leaders need to be the catalysts for change, and the seven pillars identified below provide a framework:

• Communication
• Public Relations
• Branding
• Student Engagement/Learning
• Professional Growth/Development
• Re-envisioning Learning Spaces and Environments
• Opportunity

By addressing each pillar, Sheninger says leaders can begin changing and transforming their respective schools into ones that prepare learners with essential digital age skills while engaging a variety of stakeholders.

Most importantly, Sheninger says digital leadership begins with identifying obstacles to change and specific solutions to overcome them in order to transform schools in the digital age.

Eric Sheninger presents on January 19 at HCDE. To hear more about his seven pillars and digital leadership, register for the workshop.

Resource: Pillars of Digital Leadership, Eric Sheninger, International Center for Leadership in Education

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Andrea Segraves served in the public school system for 14 years as a teacher and  an administrator before being named the current Director of the Teaching and Learning Center for HCDE. She is a boy-mom who spends her extra time at the ball fields and reading educational literature.

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