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Backpack safety tips: How to prevent body pain, strain

Backpack safety tips: How to prevent body pain, strainBackpack safety is probably the last thing a teacher would be thinking about this time of year. Class rosters and sprucing up the classroom might top your list. However, school-based physical therapists and occupational therapists are concerned about the physical strain and pain in transporting books and school materials. That goes for both students and teachers.

How heavy is that load of books and materials that you or your students carry each day? If you’re 150 pounds, you should be carrying no more than 15 pounds in your bag. At 50 pounds, your student should carry no more than five pounds.

Here are some basic safety tips to consider for the school year:

The U.S. Consumer Product and Safety Commission says about 7,000 kids ages 5-14 each year are injured due to backbacks. Statistics show that over half of the student population carries too heavy a load in their backpacks.

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About the Blogger: Jean Polichino, OTR, MS, FAOTA, is senior director of School-Based Therapy Services at Harris County Department of Education. Her passion for school therapy is evident in her state and national committee involvement and her contributions to professional publications. This devotion is exceeded only by family, which includes a couple of sassy canines of the shepherd variety.

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