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6 school zone safety tips from Harris County Department of Education

6 school zone safety tips from HCDE Center for Safe and Secure SchoolsSchool zones can be a stressful place in the morning. Parents are anxious to drop kids off before heading to work. Teachers are heading into the school to prep for the day’s lessons before students arrive. Cars and buses are lined up down busy roads.

We all have hectic mornings, but that’s no reason to put kids at risk. HCDE’s Center for Safe and Secure Schools urges all drivers to exercise extreme caution when traveling through school zones.

Please share these tips with your school community to keep kids safe and avoid costly fines:


About the Blogger:
Ecomet Burley, a 26-year administrator, is the new leader of the Center for Safe and Secure Schools. Established in 1999, the Center provides school safety and security training for school districts in greater Harris County. Burley, the former superintendent of La Marque ISD, resides in Pearland with wife Frances, an elementary school principal. Education, Burley insists, is the primary and native language spoken in their home.

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