5 characteristics of effective teachers: Congrats to our ‘Teachers of the Year’

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June 1, 2015 by HCDE Communications

Vladmir-Lopez_psWe must congratulate and brag a bit about our Teacher Alternative Certification graduate Valdimir Lopez. After training to be a teacher through our program in 2011, he embarked on his career and found his niche as a high school math and science teacher. Recently he was named one of four top finalists for Houston ISD Secondary Teacher of the Year.

Valdimir was an amazing student in our program. He continues to inspire us as a high school STEM teacher.

We’d like to take the time to acknowledge all of the “Teachers of the Year” in the greater Harris County area. This time of year, school districts praise and celebrate their teachers of the year. Nomination processes vary, and both objective and subjective criteria are used. Through the process, many may question and continue to wonder: What are the characteristics of effective teachers?

Stanford University posts this article called: Characteristics of Effective Teachers based on a scheme developed by M. Hildebrand, 1971.  Stanford Teaching Commons is a resource for teaching and learning at Stanford University and beyond.

The top five things effective teachers do right are (drum roll please):

Organization and Clarity (explains clearly)
Analytic/Synthetic Approach  (has a thorough command of the field)
Dynamism and Enthusiasm (is an energetic, dynamic person)
Instructor-Group Interaction (can stimulate, direct, pace interaction with the class)
Instructor-Individual Student Interaction (is perceived as fair, especially in his/her methods of evaluation)

The article goes on to discuss what less effective teachers do wrong, but we’d like to focus on the positive.

As the year closes, we thank everyone for their tireless efforts of educating and nurturing our 1 million students in the greater Houston area.  In our eyes, you’re all “Teachers of the Year.”

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For more information about Teacher Alternative Certification or Principal Alternative Certification, email hcdeacp@hcde-texas.org or call 713-696-1348.


Characteristics of Effective Teachers, Stanford Teaching Commons: https://teachingcommons.stanford.edu/resources/teaching/planning-your-approach/characteristics-effective-teachers

HCDE press release: http://www.hcde-texas.org/default.aspx?name=001.news&a=151

Alternative certification at HCDE: www.hcde-texas.org/alternativecertification

About the blogger:

Lidia G. Zatopek is director of Alternative Certification and the Principal Certification Academy at HCDE. She has 25 years experience in education serving as teacher, assistant principal, principal and administrator. In her former career, she attempted to juggle four languages as an interpreter/linguist. Becoming an educator made her realize education has a language of its own, adding another juggling ball. In her leisure time and while not contemplating running marathons, she enjoys reading anything and everything about science and medicine.

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