Interactive Math Glossary: Help with new math TEKS vocabulary


March 9, 2015 by HCDE Communications

 Interactive Math Glossary: Help with new math TEKS vocabularyMath teachers, are the new TEKS giving you the blues?

Take advantage of new resources to assist teachers and parents in transitioning to the revised mathematics TEKS. I highly recommend taking advantage of the free TEA Interactive Math Glossary.

 Interactive Math Glossary: Help with new math TEKS vocabularyAn array of benefits await when you use the Interactive Math Glossary as a math resource:

• Gain interactive manipulatives (click on box plot interactive link) and videos to help students understand new vocabulary.
• Use the non-examples to help you, your team and students understand and brainstorm student misconceptions.
• Plan your lessons to use in class or when team planning.
• Use the editable or printable Frayer Model Template.
• Take away a list of glossary terms not yet in the Interactive Math Glossary. (The TEA will be adding new terms to the Interactive Math Glossary this semester.)
With the Interactive Glossary, the Frayer Model Template and a list of all the glossary definition, you’ve got what you need to plan for success.

 Interactive Math Glossary: Help with new math TEKS vocabularyTo learn more about math spring or summer workshop opportunities at HCDE, see my curriculum development page:


About the Blogger:
Nicole Shanahan is the math specialist at HCDE. A self-professed Julia Roberts of presenters, she vows to weave a bit of entertainment into each of her math workshops. As teacher, mentor, trainer and coach, Nicole serves up workshops ala carte within districts or at HCDE headquarters at 6300 Irvington, Houston, TX.  The mother-of-three clocks in more volunteer hours than the average bear can handle. She often writes about her cubs in her posts. Follow Nicole on Pinterest at: Secondary Math | Elementary Math

2 thoughts on “Interactive Math Glossary: Help with new math TEKS vocabulary

  1. As a teacher here at HCDE I wasn’t aware of this great resource we have available to us. Hats off to those who contribute to, those that are responsible for this resource. I will continue to utilize this resource. As teachers, it is great to communicate and share our ideas. Great job – HCDE

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