Are you using iPads with your English language learners?

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February 9, 2015 by HCDE-Texas

iPads are a natural choice for the dual and multilingual classroom. Taking the leap of faith to introduce tablets into your lesson plans will be well worth your time and effort.

Here are a few benefits of using iPads with your English language learners:ipad-photo_web

• A wide variety of language applications are available through the iTunes store   to help language learners accelerate listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
• Content and supplemental resources for all subject areas are easily accessible.
• iPads are compatible with online programs designed to accelerate language acquisition and conceptual knowledge.
• Social networking enhances learning through interaction.
• iPads are mobile and light devices that help language learners find, explore, review, interact and compile data on a daily basis in different kinds of settings.
• Language learners have multiple opportunities to experience real-life situations through interactive social and academic language exchanges.

If you’re already using iPads in your dual and multilingual classrooms, we’d like to hear from you. Send us your stories about student  innovations and successes.

To find out more information about using iPads in your English language learner classroom, consider attending our upcoming workshop March 31 with education specialist Michelle Reeves and Patricia Morales: .

About the Blogger: Patricia Morales, Ed.D., is curriculum director for bilingual, dual, ESL and ELL at HCDE. As a 20-year veteran presenter and educator, she shares successful strategies that promote language proficiency.  Dr. Morales prepares thousands of teachers for bilingual/ESL certification in Texas.  In her free time, she plays volleyball and exercises her Spanish skills through song as a novice guitarist and singer. Patricia saves most of her energy for her real passion: teaching.

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