10 Ways to Thank a Teacher: Accolades, Freebies/Discounts

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May 8, 2018 by HCDE-Texas

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day, and May 7-11 is Teacher Appreciation week, so we’re recommending 10 ways to say thank you.  In addition, our Harris County School Superintendent James Colbert is expressing his thanks to teachers throughout HCDE and beyond: http://youtu.be/0EG4Lt_S25o .

10 ways to say thanks:

  1. Let’s start with saying it. Thank you. Teachers never hear that thoughtful expression too much. Express yourself through social media, a handwritten note, a certificate or just say it! If you’re using social media today, choose from these hashtags: #ThankATeacher or #TeacherAppreciation or #TeacherAppreciationWeek .
  2. Stock the classroom with school supplies. At year’s end, resources are depleted and these supplies come out of teachers’ pockets. Leave your teacher with supplies for the next school year. These can include cleaning supplies, tissues or basic staples like printing paper, glue, pencils, etc.
  3. Gift cards: Teachers love them. From fast food to car washes to nail salons to hardware stores, never underestimate the power of plastic.
  4. Volunteer: During the last week of school, teachers need muscle to pack up their classrooms. Offer an hour, two or three to assist.
  5. Supply a list of freebies to your teacher so that she/he can take advantage of the “best deals” for educators this week: http://wp.me/p4QJFl-Lz
  6. Give flowers or a plant.
  7. Create a goodie basket of healthy or unhealthy snacks for your teacher, depending on   preference.
  8. Bring breakfast before class. Deliver a hot coffee and bagel to start the day off right.
  9. Tell the principal. Everyone appreciates a recommendation to the boss. Send an email about your awesome teacher to the principal and cc your teacher or tell the principal in person.
  10. Set up a coffee and cookie table in the teacher’s lounge. It’s not too late, even after Teacher Appreciation Week. Work with your community to host a teacher appreciation event!




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